June 4 – 6: Area 46 Convention

The convention theme this year is “Surpassing Our Present Imagination.” This derives from Bill W.’s writing for The AA Grapevine in November 1960: “A vast communications net now covers the earth, even to its remotest reaches… nothing matters more to AA’s future welfare than the manner in which we use the colossus of modern communication. Used unselfishly and well, it can produce results surpassing our present imagination.” SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES! There are several open committee positions available and we are in urgent need of a Hospitality Coordinator, Meeting Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator. Please join us at our next meeting on April

New Meeting Change Form

Central Office is taking a bold step into the 21st century with an all-electronic meeting change form! It can also be used to let us know about new meetings. There’s a link to this form at the top of the “Contact Us” page (please be sure to press “Full Post” to see the links). You can also get the form here. Completing the form will send the information to our Schedule Editor, and the information will be updated in our Meetings page. This will also update the Meeting Guide app, automatically.

24/7 On-Line Meetings

If you need a meeting right now, and are willing to do it on-line, here are two sites that have A.A. meetings at all hours. You may find yourself in a meeting in a foreign country! Meetings at these sites use Zoom. Please press “Full Post” to see the links below. AA Intergroup has listings of on-line meetings meetings worldwide. A site called “aahomegroup.org” will show you meetings happening right now. If you need to get Zoom, go here. A quick video tutorial is here.

Central Office Is OPEN !

Albuquerque Central Office is open again! Desk workers have been notified, so the office will be fully staffed. Please be sure to wear a mask – or two – when you come in. COVID safety guidelines still need to be followed.

Thank You for Your Support! Please Continue to be Generous

The volunteers and staff at Albuquerque Central Office are heartened by your consistently generous financial support of our AA Fellowship! Last year, it was a real scramble to transition the on-line published meeting schedule from traditional face-to-face AA meetings to mostly on-line Zoom meetings. Interacting with the Office during pandemic cautions was inconvenient for the Fellowship. Our many desk-worker volunteers were no longer able to gain from doing their service work. The staff fielded a blizzard of calls for information. But it’s not over! Until sufficient vaccination and other efforts can have an impact, we will continue to need your

Practicing our 7th Tradition during the Pandemic

During these times, how do we responsibly practice self-support, our Seventh Tradition? AA’s General Service Office (GSO) has published a letter and a video emphasizing how important supporting AA is when “passing the basket” isn’t always possible (please press “Full Post” if you do not see the links). Please have a look, and consider supporting your District, your Area, your Central Office, and our GSO. Thank you.

Red Road Convention Monthly Meetings

Despite the delay of the Red Road Convention, its organizers are hosting monthly meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month. The flyer is here (please be sure to press “Full Post” to see the link).

Red Road Convention to be Held May 2022

The 27th Annual Red Road Convention has announced the new convention date: May 6-8, 2022. The flyer is available here (please be sure to press “Full Post” to see the link). Service positions are available to help in the organization of the convention. Learn more at http://www.nmredroad.org.

May 1 – 2: 2021 GirlAPaloozAA

The 2021 GirlAPaloozAA will be held May 1st-2nd on Zoom. Details and a flyer are here (be sure to press “Full Post” if you do not see the link). Registration is now open.

February 1: Women’s SobrietyFest Call for Volunteers

The 2021 Women’s SobrietyFest will be held September 25th, 2021. The organizers are asking for volunteers to help put this event together. Please press this link to see the positions that need to be filled (be sure to press “Full Post” if the link is not visible).