2023 Area Election Assembly!!

The D12 planning committee meets every 3rd Thursday on Zoom at 7pm. Come help District 12 put on an awesome assembly for our Area.

Bring your friends! Bring your sponsees!

Zoom meeting ID: 966 013 794
Password: D12

Red Road AA Convention Fundraiser

March 18, 2023, 12:00pm-3:00pm @ Alvarado Park

Come join us in fellowship and support the Red Road AA Convention in carrying the message.
Speaker Meeting & $10 Food Sale, Raffles

Trouble with Meeting Change Form

We are having difficulties with our Meeting Change Form. It is not reliably forwarding to us what you submit. Therefore, please send an email (it will go to our schedule editor) with the following information:

1. Whether you are: Requesting a new meeting; Asking to delete an existing an existing meeting; Or requesting a change to an existing meeting.

2. The Group name.

3. The Meeting time, including day(s) of week.

4. Whether the meeting is in-person, on-line, or hybrid.

5. If the meeting is on-line or hybrid, PLEASE include the URL for the on-line portion of the meeting. The URL looks like this:
Including the Meeting ID and passcode is useful also.

6. If the meeting is in-person, the best possible description of the location where is is held.

7. The type of the meeting. For example, Open, Closed, Men’s meeting, Women’s meeting, and so on.

8. Any contact information for the group (this is not listed publically).

9. Any additional information that can be included as notes about the meeting.

Thanks for your patience while we get this issue sorted out.