September 28: Desert Club Re-Opening

Effective Monday, September 28th, the Desert Club will reopen with the same restrictions that were in place during the last opening. ·      Masks must be worn at all times ·      6’ Social distancing will be observed, when possible ·      Regular use of disinfectant (which is provided by the club) ·      Maximum of 20 members in a meeting ·      No coffee or food allowed Please watch this space for more details about the re-opening!

Practicing our 7th Tradition during the Pandemic

During these times, how do we responsibly practice self-support, our Seventh Tradition? AA’s General Service Office (GSO) has published a letter and a video emphasizing how important supporting AA is when “passing the basket” isn’t always possible. Please have a look, and consider supporting your District, your Area, your Central Office, and our GSO. Thank you.

October 24: District 18 Fall Workshop

District 18’s Fall Conference will be held on October 24th, from 10 AM – Noon, on Zoom. This year’s theme is “What Now? Carrying the Message in the Time of CoronaVirus”. Please see the flyer here, or on our Events listing (press the “Full Post” button if you do not see the links).

October 31: 30th Annual Traditions Conference

District 11 will host the 30th Annual Traditions Conference on October 31, having the theme “Process of Trial and Error”. It will be held on Zoom from 10 AM till 2 PM. The flyer is available here (be sure to click “Full Post” below if you do not see the link). Further details will be announced here as they become available.

November 7th: 13th Annual Newcomers Workshop

The 13th Annual Newcomers Workshop will be held on November 7th, 2020, 10:00am – 11:30am. It will be a Zoom meeting. See the Event listing for more information. You may register for the event at this link. Please be sure to click on “Full Post” to get the links. This is a workshop for newcomers or AA members with any length of sobriety. There will be 6 speakers who are in their first 18 month of sobriety and each speaker will cover a topic that is important for every newcomer’s sobriety. Send an email to for more information. To

New Page: On-Line Resources

AA Intergroup has a very useful site for helping with finding on-line meetings, attending them, and managing them. We are putting all information about AA online onto a new page (look at the top of this page).


The Steering Committee of the Central Office of Albuquerque would like to thank you all for keeping the work of AA going; for keeping the hand of AA there in this time of great uncertainty. Your work on, and attendance in, Zoom meetings have been the bright spot for many. Contributions to your home groups and Central Office have been greatly appreciated. Keep up all the good work and we will make it through this together. Be safe and healthy. Central Office Steering CommitteeDoug C., Christopher C., Tim T., Jerry K., Stephen K., Lindsay M. To the Fellowship:We have been

Central Office Re-Opening May 25th! (with restrictions)

Beginning May 25th, Albuquerque Central Office will return to regular business hours, and volunteer staff will be present to assist with sales and telephone responsibilities. Volunteers and coordinators will wear face masks and rubber gloves. Please, note the following restrictions:1. Only one customer at a time in the office. You will be asked to wait until the previous customer has left before entering the office. 2. You MUST wear a mask in the office.3. You MUST observe social distancing in the office. No wandering, please.If you prefer, you can request curbside pickup of purchases. Call your purchase to (505) 266-1900,