Albuquerque Alcoholics Anonymous

UPDATED: Central Office Masks Up – Curbside Service Available. Occupancy limit of 3 in Front Area.

Following new guidance from the New Mexico Department of Health, we ask that anyone coming into Albuquerque Central Office wear a mask. A mask is needed regardless of your vaccination status. Furthermore, Central Office now has a occupancy limit of three people in the front (retail) area. With a coordinator or alternate coordinator, and a desk worker, this means only one or two visitors at a time. If you’d like to make a purchase but would rather not come inside, or others are already inside, call us and we’ll do curbside service. Each month, Intergroup and the Central Office Steering Committee will monitor Covid statistics and modify this policy as appropriate.

This is for the health of the special workers and the desk volunteers, as well as your own. Thank you very much!