Albuquerque Alcoholics Anonymous

24/7 On-Line Meetings

If you need a meeting right now, and are willing to do it on-line, here are two sites that have A.A. meetings at all hours. You may find yourself in a meeting in a foreign country! Meetings at these sites use Zoom. Please press “Full Post” to see the links below. AA Intergroup has listings of on-line meetings meetings worldwide. A site called “” will show you meetings happening right now. If you need to get Zoom, go here. A quick video tutorial is here.

Central Office Invites Applications for Alternate Coordinator

Central Office is seeking candidates for the position of Alternate Coordinator. Must have two (2) years continuous sobriety, be a member of a listed A.A. group, and have previous experience working at Central Office. Must also have a good understanding of Central Office’s overall structure, and a good understanding of the 12 Traditions of A.A. as they apply in everyday situations. The flyer may be downloaded here (please be sure to press “Full Post” if you do not see the link). Submit resume to:Central Office of Albuquerque 1921 Alvarado Drive NEAlbuquerque, NM

Central Office Is OPEN !

Albuquerque Central Office is open again! Desk workers have been notified, so the office will be fully staffed. Please be sure to wear a mask – or two – when you come in. COVID safety guidelines still need to be followed.

February 18: Planning for 2021 Area 46 Convention Continues

The planning for the 2021 Area 46 Convention continues with monthly meetings. They are held on Zoom, on the third Thursday of each month. For a flyer, please click here (be sure to press “Full Post” to see the link). Para obtener un folleto en español, haga clic aquí (por favor presione “Publicación completa” para asegurarse de que puede ver el enlace)

February 1: Women’s SobrietyFest Call for Volunteers

The 2021 Women’s SobrietyFest will be held September 25th, 2021. The organizers are asking for volunteers to help put this event together. Please press this link to see the positions that need to be filled (be sure to press “Full Post” if the link is not visible).