Albuquerque Alcoholics Anonymous


The Steering Committee of the Central Office of Albuquerque would like to thank you all for keeping the work of AA going; for keeping the hand of AA there in this time of great uncertainty. Your work on, and attendance in, Zoom meetings have been the bright spot for many. Contributions to your home groups and Central Office have been greatly appreciated. Keep up all the good work and we will make it through this together.
Be safe and healthy.

Central Office Steering Committee
Doug C., Christopher C., Tim T., Jerry K., Stephen K., Lindsay M.

To the Fellowship:
We have been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of our Groups and members during this time of requested isolation. Our website and schedule editors have put their greatest efforts into keeping the website updated, even while still working from home! Our After Hours Volunteers on the Help Line have done what they have always done, despite having to volunteer a bit longer. Groups and members have been incredibly patient with us, with the ever-changing dilemma and meeting changes we have faced since mid-March; with Zoom meetings being ‘born’ and a few Groups still meeting with qualifications. Our Fellowship has withstood these inconveniences in the exact manner we have come to expect – with patience, kindness, acceptance and some fortitude. You are making sure that the very essence of Alcoholics Anonymous is intact. The newcomer has not been forgotten, you have stepped up to make it so by volunteering to 12-Step another alkie in need. Our need to gather remains intact.
For that, and so much more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being amazing examples, for kind, encouraging words, and for the contributions to your Central Office so that we can continue to support your efforts in carrying the message. We appreciate you all, and can’t wait for the time we can serve up a cup of coffee to you, and give you a Hug!!

Debra & George